Direct bookings are available with all the practitioners (doctor, dietitian, health coach, exercise physiologist) at our clinic. In addition, our clinic also offers several integrated programs for patients who may need more comprehensive support.

Integrated metabolic health program

Introducing the SLCS Integrated Metabolic Health Program 

This program is designed to optimise metabolic health. Metabolic health is defined as having normal levels of:

  • blood sugar
  • blood insulin 
  • body fat (especially fat around organs and found in the abdomen)
  • blood pressure
  • blood cholesterol
  • muscle mass and body composition

Ideally, the above is achieved with minimal or no medications. But metabolic health goes beyond this freedom from disease. We believe that everyone deserves optimal energy levels to perform all activities of daily living as well as to enjoy excellent cognitive and mental health. These goals are achievable with a lifestyle that is both sustainable and highly fulfilling! 

Each program is tailored to your needs:

  • Targeted to the level of pre-existing low carb knowledge (beginner through to advanced)
  • Delivered in a highly personalised and individualised way by our team over 12 weeks that will drive positive changes in your nutrition, sleep, movement and social connection. Your team will be made up of a Doctor, Dietitian, Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist.  
  • Our team approach involves weekly multi-disciplinary meetings to ensure all your health providers are uptodate with your progress and able to proactively troubleshoot any challenges whilst you progress through the program

Program eligibility is determined after initial consultation with one of our doctors or dietitians  


  • 3 Doctor visits 
  • 3 Dietitian visits 
  • 6 x 50 minute Health Coaching visits and fortnightly coaching calls 
  • 1 Exercise Physiologist visit 
  • Curated online resources, password protected  
  • Quarterly walk and talk SLCS community social events    
  • 1 low carb shopping tour run by our Dietitian or Health Coach, offered quarterly 
  • First access to discounted tickets for all information events held by SLCS 
  • Discount codes for selected low carb products via our approved vendor list. We do not receive any commission from these companies. 
  • Video bank of home based resistance exercises designed by our Exercise Physiologist

Medicare rebates are accessible for the program. These are provided on the day of appointment attendance. Please note that the maximum Medicare rebate for the program is approximately $450 for those with a current GP chronic disease management plan (allied health services ticked for dietitian and exercise physiologist). Otherwise Doctor consultation rebates are approximately $230 in total.

Your team

Doctor: These visits will involve a comprehensive assessment of your metabolic health status – including an extensive medical & family history, review of medications/supplements and lifestyle assessment as well as a physical examination. Investigations may be arranged such as blood tests and imaging if appropriate and results then discussed in depth with formulation of a management plan. Importantly your doctor will supervise any deprescription or adjustment of medications. Your doctor can also liaise with other external health providers with your consent. 

Dietitian: The initial visit will involve a thorough assessment of dietary intake, eating patterns as well as assessment for nutrient deficiencies. Depending on level of prior nutritional education with regards to low carbohydrate eating patterns our dietitians can provide education on reading nutritional labels, how to choose lower carb foods in supermarkets and when eating out, provide relevant recipes tailored to your food preferences (vegan, vegetarian or animal based) with intolerances/allergies/autoimmune protocols in mind. They will also provide food ideas and recipes for easily modifiable family meals. 

Health Coaching: Our health coach is skilled at building your confidence, helping you to focus on your strengths and assisting you to learn from your previous successes and lapses. They are vital in moving from theoretical knowledge to the actual practical day to day application of that knowledge. They will assist you with securing lasting behaviour change by providing accountability in a gentle and supportive environment. The visits will consist of 6x 50 minute fortnightly Health Coach sessions and 10 minute fortnightly Health Coach check-ins (phone, email, Whatsapp video check in) on the other weeks. Health Coaching is designed to flow continuously and methodically from the beginning of Week 1 and/or 2. 

Exercise Physiologist: This visit is designed to assess your current physical movement and function as well as take into account any pre-existing injuries and/or medical conditions. Our exercise physiologist will demonstrate safe and effective resistance and flexibility movement techniques with focus on how to perform these in a home environment, with minimal or no equipment. The timing of this visit is designed to align with the increased energy levels that come after transition to a lower carb dietary approach – this often occurs around 6-9 weeks. 

Example timetable 

Timeline Practitioner Health Coaching embedded and continuous 
Week 1 & 2 1st Doctor session. Results and Plan

1st Dietitian session

1st Health Coach session 

Week 3 2nd Health Coach session 
Week 3 2nd Dietitian session 1st Health Coach Virtual Check-In
Week 4 3rd Health Coach session
Week 5 2nd Doctor session 2nd  Health Coach Virtual Check-In
Week 6 4th Health Coach session
Week 7 3rd Dietitian session 3rd Health Coach Virtual Check-In
Week 8  5th Health Coach session 
Week 9 Exercise Physiologist. Home based resistance exercise program. 4th Health Coach Virtual Check-In
Week 10 6th Health Coach session
Week 12 3rd Doctor Consult. Results, review and ongoing plan created 
Graduation of program

How to get started if interested in the metabolic health program?

  1. Book your initial appointment with our doctors or dietitians (existing patients of our clinic can skip this step)
  2. Review and sign the terms and conditions prior to your first appointment 
  3. Obtain a GP management plan (if eligible) 

Health coaching

This is a 3-month comprehensive low carb health coaching program which includes 6 x 50 minute fortnightly appointments with virtual support in between.

Our health coaching program is guided by our Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, Kathryn Mayne.  Kathryn assists clients to build healthy sustainable habits aligning with their personal needs and low carb lifestyle.  Kathryn understands first-hand the social, mental and physical challenges that may arise whilst changing your lifestyle and way of eating.  Clients are supported with removing personal barriers on step at a time for sustainable change.

What the program is designed to assist with:

  • Help with feeling supported whilst making changes
  • Finding what is right for your unique body and lifestyle
  • Help with building habits that align with how you want to feel everyday
  • Overcoming emotional eating, food cravings and food addictions
  • Building confidence, focusing on strengths whilst learning from past successes and lapses

More information on the program can be found here: SLCS Health Coaching Flyer

Please contact reception on 02 8214 2578 if you would like to set up a 20 min complementary ‘meet & greet’, where you can meet Kathryn, and discuss what the sessions may include for you!

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